11289682_10152952680461701_278762972_nJonas Rhezila is a popular photographer who also works as a educator. Before becoming a photographer he had a strong passion for art and music in all shapes and forms, as a young child he built with different shapes and painted using different techniques. In his youths he began studies in the fields of art and music which led to him painting larger oil paintings and joining The Global Art Group of Södertälje (Globalkonst gruppen i Södertälje) in 1991, he had several exhibitions leading to the sale of many of his paintings.

Jonas Rhezila began with photography after he joined a photographyclub by the name of ”Midsommarfårdens Fotoklubb” which today has changed it’s name to ”Fotoklubben Avtrycket”. Jonas learned alot from the participants such as darkroom technique and analog photography, he evolved very quickly and began studying on hiw own to become a multimedia producer. Post a couple of exhibitions in Stockholm together with the members from his photography club Jonas managed to have a couple of his black&white photographies printed in yearbooks. Several of his pictures were exhibitioned toghether with many other photographers at Stockholm’s Concerthall and also the Museum of Photography.

In 2006 Jonas established his own photography firm working both for private bookings, larger companies, states of Sweden and also magazines, he freelanced for the Swedish tabloid Expressen for a longer period.

Jonas has been very appriciated for his work by clients because of his dedication to getting his clients approval. He has it as a standrad priority to always meet with a client before hand to discuss the cleints needs since his clients wishes are of utmost importance.